About the Film:

A young prince fights to keep his sanity as he is tempted and pulled closer to the dark beast inside of himself.

The movie follows a young prince battling to understand and find balance between the structure of his royal family and the chaos of passion and love.  It’s only through the consequences of running away with a handmaiden that he is forced to face his deepest fears and truths. Only then can he learn of the power he holds inside and the responsibility that comes along with it.


In making this project we became fascinated with the idea of the pendulum swing. How we as humans have the tendency to fly from one way of living to the complete opposite only to realize it was a balance between the two that creates fulfillment. We decided to take this concept and force our main character on a journey of two different extremes. The descent into dark chaotic passion, mirrored by the brittle structure of society. It’s only in the balance that the prince can learn to be a just ruler.

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